Melissa (Melissa officinalis) oil, who belongs to the family of lemon balsams, holds a very special place in spiritual aromatherapy, because it is very indicated in moment of the death. It is known from long ago for its property to bring comfort to who is suffering, especially after the sudden death of a beloved person, like in the case of accidents and one is in a state of shock and pain. I have observed that Melissa gives also great comfort and aid to the dying person and also to his relatives and friends.

Its fresh and sweet fragrance seems to dispel fear and sorrow and invite to acceptance and consciousness as the moment of the dead is approaching. Used in a lamp or a diffuser in the room of the dying person, Melissa oil creates an atmosphere of spiritual union that make easier to accept the physical separation that is drawing near.

Melissa has an affinity both with the solar plexus and with the Chakra of the Heart (its name in Swedish sounds like “Joy of the Heart”), and helps us to align our will with the Divine One. The nature of the plant in itself symbolizes immortality. It is nearly impossible to eliminate it: even if it is cut from the roots it regenerate itself and soon produces a group of new buds.

The sense of spiritual unity of which it has been said before, make Melissa oil a useful ingredient for group meditation, especially when the energies of the group must be concentrated on a common intent.

Special warning: true Melissa oil is a very expensive one and often is substituted with other oils with similar aroma, like Lemongrass or Lemon Verbena. These oils have their very useful properties, but surely not the same ones of Melissa oil, therefore it is important to purchase essential oils only from trustworthy suppliers that can guarantee that the oil you are going to buy is really the one you need. If it does not coast as much as Rose or Jasmine oil, sure is not Melissa oil.

From P. Davis